A collection of the books and websites I own and/or have used in my research.


Garb Resources

Arnold, J. (2002). Patterns of Fashion 3: The cut and construction of clothes for men and women, c1560 -1620. Hollywood, CA: Quite Specific Media Group.

Hartley, D., & Kelly, F. M. (2003). Medieval Costume and how to Recreate It. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications.

Fernald, M., & Shenton, E. (2006). Historic Costumes and how to Make Them. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications.

Thursfield, S. (2001). The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant: Making Common Garments, 1200-1500. New York: Costume & Fashion Press.


Cooking Resources

Coquinaria – Contains two Dutch cookbooks that have been translated into English

Medieval Cookery – Modern redactions for period recipes

Gode Cookery – Modern redactions for period recipes

Hieatt, C. B., Hosington, B., & Butler, S. (1996). Pleyn delit: Medieval cookery for modern cooks (2nd ed.). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Krupp, C. M., & Gillen, B. (2003). Making Medieval Mead or, Mead Before Digby (Vol. 120, The Complete Anachronist).

Rain, E. (Ed.). (2001). A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine (Vol. 6, The Feudal Gourmet). Seattle, WA.

Sass, L. J., & Pegge, S. (1976). To the King’s Taste: Richard II’s book of feasts and recipes. London: J. Murray.

Savelli, M. (2002). Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England. Norfolk: Anglo-Saxon Books.


Heraldry Resources

SCA College of Arms on the Web

The Academy of Saint Gabriel

Mistholme Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry

Period Rolls of Arms


Digital Manuscripts and Illumination Resources

Library of Congress – Illuminated Manuscripts from Europe

British Library – Digitized Manuscripts

Trinity College Dublin – The Book of Kells

The Morgan Library & Museum – Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts


Gardening, Apothecary, Herbal Resources


Multi-Subject Websites

Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Cariadoc’s Miscellany – Also contains many cooking resources at the Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Stefan’s Florilegium


From Early English Books Online:

1550-1599 – – Partridge, John, fl. 1566-1573. Printed by Edward Alde, for Edward White, 1588. The widowes treasure plentifully furnished with sundry precious and approoued secretes in phisicke and chirurgery for the health and pleasure of mankinde : hereunto are adioyned, sundry pretie practises and conclusions of cookerie : with many profitable and holesome medicines for sundrie diseases in cattell. – Dawson, Thomas. Printed by E. Allde. for Edward White, dwellimg [sic] at the little north doore of Paules Church at the signe of the Gun, 1597. The second part of the good hus-wiues iewell Where is to be found most apt and readiest wayes to distill many wholsome and sweet waters. In which likewise is shewed the best maner in preseruing of diuers sorts of fruits, & making of sirrops. With diuers conceits in cookerie with the booke of caruing.


1600-1649 – 


post-1650 –