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This past weekend was the Canton of Basingestoches Feast of St Sylvester and Endewearde Baronial A&S Championships. For the first time ever I was not in the feast kitchen! This year I stepped back from cooking and tried event stewarding instead. I highly encourage everyone who is serious about the SCA to try this at least once with a small event, it truly isn’t difficult. I also had a great deputy who had run the event a couple times previously which really helped.

Stepping out of the kitchen role also allowed me to enter our Baronial A&S Championship. I already had a project ready from this last summer that just needed documentation. For the local war last July there was a largess challenge between the aggressors and I made a collection of hand-dyed silk threads to donate. Our Baroness at the time encouraged me to think about entering this project for the next Championship.

So I did.

I wrote out my documentation (click through to read), made sure that I had a solid bibliography, wrote to the rubric, and put together a visually pleasing display including materials and sources.

hand dyed silk display

Guess who the Baronial A&S Champion is now.

I wasn’t expecting that.