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It has been quite some time since my last entry. Summer got ridiculously busy and I hardly had time for making things nevermind writing about them. Eventually I will get around to writing posts about most of those things, I hope. Right now however it’s time for the next Queen’s Garb Challenge for A Market Day at Birka!

From Her Majesty, Queen Anna:

Unto my beloved populace of the East,

I have thought long and hard about the fashion show challenge for Birka this year. I have received many wonderful suggestions and it has been a very tough decision, but I keep coming back to something I teach all of my apprentices. “Anna’s Rule #1” is:

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Accessories are what makes a piece of garb into an outfit and every time and place has its own accessories. Shoes, hats, jewelry, bags, belts – leather, pearls, floors, yarn – early period to Elizabethan and everything in between.

So pull out your needles, hammers, thread, beads, wire, metals, leather, whatever you wish to use and get ready to accessorize your favorite garb. Or make something completely new!

Anna Regina

At first I was like, what kind of a garb challenge is this? I admit to being slightly disappointed for a few minutes even. But then I started really thinking about it. I just bought leather to try my hand at making shoes. I need to make a better hood, of wool this time. I really should finally make a linen huva (St Birgitta’s coif). I’ve been wanting a more period belt purse and I still haven’t really finished my belt (a post coming up on that later). A proper 14th century lady should really have a paternoster too. And if I’m going to do shoes I might as well make hosen and garters to hold them up too.

Ok, so there’s more to this than I had first thought. In fact, that’s quite a list!

  • hood
  • huva/coif
  • turnshoes
  • hosen
  • garters
  • paternoster
  • belt purse
  • bling out the belt

The other question is, what outfit am I going to wear this with? I could definitely use my purple linen kirtle . . . but for an overdress? I have a short-sleeved, orange plaid with metal buttons. Or there’s my burgundy, Taymouth Hours hunting surcoat which is earlier 14th century than I want to aim for for the hood. I’d love to do a wool overdress but I don’t think I have the time.

Let the sewing commence!

I am gathering inspiration, tutorials, and ideas in my Pinterest gallery at Birka 2017 -Accessories